Is Fitness After 50
Really Worth All The Trouble?

"You're only as old as you feel" might be more fact than fiction. Fitness is one very important factor contributing to this. As a mature adult, concerned about your health, would it help you to have good, usable information about:

  • Exercise programs?

  • Nutrition?

  • Weight loss?


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    Finding It Can Be A Challenge . . .

    There is so much information out there that you are probably overwhelmed. will make it easier for you to find the things you need to start or continue a healthy life style.

    Some Benefits Include:

  • more energy
  • improved weight control
  • increased self esteem
  • reduced risk of certain cancers

    After 50 these benefits can be even more important. As we age, we often begin to experience more health related issues that are directly connected to a lack of fitness.

    Such As . . .

  • arthritis
  • type II diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease

    Expert, Experienced Help . . .

    I have an advanced degree in health and exercise (a masters in exercise physiology and cardiac rehabilitation). As a hobby, I teach martial arts. In my 30's and 40's I even participated in numerous triathlons and long distance running events. I probably exercised 15 hours a week . . .

    Life changed. A lot of business trips. Too little time. Like many people over 50, my wife and I had to experience actual health problems before we started really looking at what we needed to do to improve our situation.

    I started using my background, knowledge, and training to look into actions we needed to take. I realized I could help others that are in similar circumstances. That research has led me to developing

    Simple And Straightforward. . .

    My goal is to sift through all the confusing and often conflicting data. I try to make the content of this site simple yet very helpful. I can supply the information you need to make informed decisions about what's best for your situation.

    Remember, from daily exercise routines to nutrition, you need to make informed decisions about what's best for you. Every person has individual needs for exercise and nutrition, but it is always beneficial to your health.


    You Can Sign Up For Your ** Free ** Monthly Newsletter with Great Health & Fitness Tips By Clicking Here ______________________________________________________________________

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