Dan Jensen

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A personal trainer coaching fitness online, nutritionist with a passion to inspire and motivate people to take that step and start feeling better..

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My name is Dan Jensen, I was born in Denmark and my love for fitness and health started when I was young. When i turn 18 Years old i joined the army, I enjoy the discipline and the challenges and opportunities of military life. I have studied Nutrition and Fitness for over 30 years around the world , I also have a strong background in Personal Development and I have built a unique Training style: Unique Personalized training plans and Good nutrition with the correct Guidance and Support!

My online coaching service is the result of over 30 years of experience! Performing sports and fitness at the highest level in the army regime and later in the world of fitness, Having "The soldier mentality" (to blindly following orders without any thought or hesitation) has been my approach for years and it definitely has its place in the world and certain hierarchies, but I think that over the long term it can be harmful to our personal and mental health! Because we have access to so much information it is vital to learn to think for ourselves. Having the right Mindset is the key for success and the Mindsets are an important part of your personal, but you can change them! I've learned not just how to help my clients achieve amazing physical transformations, but also how to get the Mind working for your goals and to stay in that condition year-round.

Life is rarely simple! deciding to start a 12 weeks training program is easy, but having the time free to train, not so... in reality, we have work to do, families to spend time with, and relationships to maintain not to mention navigating the unexpected events thrown at us by life which means an effective training program must be adaptable and still deliver in difficult times. For me, delivering an impressive body transformations is great, but my work doesn't end there, I will always encourage my clients to invest in their long term health so we never make compromises for short-term gain, which rules out yo-yo dieting, calorie restriction, questionable supplements and one size training programs.

My clients get results

Been working with Dan for 3 months and have seen some excellent results. The exercise plan is set out in a simple and effective way, providing a personalized structure that fits me perfectly! I have reach my goals and I am more..

Mads Andersen, Fitness After 50

September 01,2021

Just finished 12 week Meal plan under Dan’s guidance. I have lost 12kg in that time! Great food, menu, recipes and shopping lists provided. Communication great. Complete life changing experience :) Thanks so much Dan.

Martina Jaffer, Fitness After 50

October 15,2020

Dan has been helping me with my training program for over 12 months now . I have achieved exceptional result with his training programs. His program is very customized and goal oriented, I would recommend this fitness...

Finn Jakobsen, Fitness After 50

March 10,2021

I was looking for qualified advice to fit the new home gym to my specific needs. Dan came to my rescue and after months of staying idle, the equipment is now working for and with me on a daily basis. Thanks for your help, Dan!

Henrik Madsen, Fitness after 50

July 17,2021

I have a extensive experience training all age groups ranging from young to seniors, and I have always kept my skills and knowledge updated! and I want to help you to get a better life :)

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