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Welcome to FITNESS 50 SHOP. We're all about old school service and state-of-the-art merchandise. We offer fitness accessories from verified and trusted companies. We work hard to get the best possible pricing for you! Explore our shop today and save money.

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BSTB lifting bands 5 pc..jpg
Resistance Bands

BSTB - Strong rubber provides resistance training or added lifting assistance to workouts, all bands are 41 inches long with varying widths and thickness

  $ 89.95 Plus Shipping 
BSTRT-Composite resistance set 5 pc..jpg
Resistance Tubes

BSTRT - Lightweight rubber tubes with nylon handles for resistance training, in 5 levels of color coded resistance. Door attachment available

  $ 59.99 Plus Shipping 
Body-solid Resistance Mini Bands, fitness after 50.jpg
 Resis. Mini Bands
  $ 14.95 Plus Shipping 
trx-pro4 TRX set profesional.jpg
   TRX Pro 4 System
 $ 249.95 Plus Shipping 
MG_2889-fin battle Rope system.jpg
Battle Rope System

BCBRSTSYS -  this unique system combines Body Weight Strength Training and Battle Rope training in ONE fun, engaging and effective workout!

 $ 299.00 Free Shipping 
BSTBR-Battle rope.jpg
Battle Training Rope

BSTBR - Super durable black poly-twine ropes with wrapped ends, great for strength and cross training indoors or outdoors, 40 foot long and 1,5 inch.

  $ 99.00 Plus Shipping 
BSTSR10 jump rope.jpg
   Speed Jump Rope
  $ 16.99 Plus Shipping 
BSTPACK core essentials package.jpg
  Core multi Package
  $ 99.00 Plus Shipping 
Altair exercise dice, full body workout.
Exercise funny bag dice

Funny work-out, the Dice set is easy-to-carry and engaging, give the hole family a workout, with the 12 sided dice, HIIT inspirited workouts, roll the dice today :)

  $ 24.95 Plus Shipping 
20 ft. agility ladder set.jpg
20 ft. Agility Latter training set

Exercise workout equipment to boost fitness and increase Quick footwork. Good for adults and kids. This great Kit with carry bag and drill charts.

  $ 23.97 Plus Shipping 
Fitbit Versa 2, fitness after 50.jpg
Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch
  $ 175.99 Free Shipping 
Fitbit Charge 4 Smartwatch 
  $ 98.95 Free Shipping 
BSTFM-Roll Roll up exercise mat.jpg
Foam Roll Up Exercise Mat

This basic foam roll up mat measures 48" long by 20" wide, and is 1/2" thick, and includes a carry roll-up strap. Perfect for yoga, sit-ups and other workouts 

  $ 19.99 Plus Shipping 
Form Roller Deep Massage, fitness after 50.jpg
Roller Deep Tissue Massage

12. 75 inches x 5. 25 inch diameter , lightweight yet rugged solid core massage roller with massage zones mimics the finger , palm , and thumb of a therapist's hands .

  $ 23.99 Plus Shipping 
Harbinger-138 flexfit gloves.jpg
 Harbinger Men FlexFit Gloves

Available sizes: Medium, Large, x-Large, xx-Large. TeckGel pads comform to palm and tumb. Cushioning key strees points. Machine washable and dryable leather.

  $ 21.99 Plus Shipping 
WomensFlexfit cloves.jpg
   Harbinger Vomen Flexfit gloves
  $ 19.99 Plus Shipping 

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