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At FITNESS 50 SHOP, we have a true passion for exercise equipment. Home Multi Gyms, Racks, Treadmill, Bikes are up there with the best of exercise equipment, advanced or beginner, We offer something for everyone!. Take a look at these products. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us today.

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G5S Body-solid home gym. jpg
Body-Solid G5S Home Gym

G5S - The high performing club quality G5S Gym features the Perfect Pec station, a 210 pound stack, and Body-Solid features meant to last forever, lifetime Warranty. The G5S is configurable for optional attachments

   $ 3099.00 
G1S-HERO home gym.jpg
 Body-Solid G1S Home Gym

G1S - The G1S is meant for total strength training at home. Built to last a lifetime, the G1S features Body-Solid quality and features backed by the best warranty in the industry, everything on the gym is guaranteed forever.

   $ 1581.00 
BFMG20r best fitness sportsman gym.jpg
   Best Fitness sports gym

BFMG20r - A complete gym in one compact, affordable machine! Affordable home gym offers limitless exercises with stations for arms, legs, abs. High and low pulleys offer countless options for training mix

    $ 550.00 
SMR1000 multi power rack.jpg
  Rugg Power Rack Package

Y100HAMP255 - Rugged Power Rack. Build strength with this commercial power rack using a 255 lb. Perfect for the home Gym. Hampton Weight Set, flat/incline bench, and Olympic Bar with Collars. Floor Mats too!

   $ 1995.00 
 Clubline Multi Power Rack

SMR1000 - Very strong and Uncompromised free weight system. The SMR1000 is perfect for heavy load environments, like military, police and fire departments. Expanded rear frame allows spotter access and storage

    $ 1834.00 
 Powerline Multi Press Rack

PMP150 - Built with a heavy-duty 2”x2” steel mainframe that can handle up to 600lbs. Super for the home Gym. The 7-degree reverse pitch accommodates natural lifting paths for biomechanically correct workouts

     $ 361.00 
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PMP150 half power rack.jpg
XT285-2 treadmill.jpg
    Spirit XT285 Treadmill

SPTXT285 - There are several key areas that define a well-designed treadmill, and the XT285 offers each of them. A Consumers Digest 2016 Best Buy

   $ 1999.00 
XT185-2 treadmill.jpg
     Spirit XT185 Treadmill

SPTXT185 - The XT185 is our entry level treadmill. It is as dependable as our other models, but you can tread along and still loos weight with a few less programs

    $ 1599.00 
TRX2500 treadmill.jpg
 TRX2500 Folding Treadmill

XTERRA2500 - Whether you're goal is losing weight or training for your next big adventure, the XTERRA Fitness TRX2500 Treadmill brings all of the tools you need 

     $ 999.00 
CIC800 indoor cycle.jpg
  Spirit CIC800 Indoor Cycle

 CIC800 Indoor Cycle excels in three critical areas – durability, comfort and performance. It is a perfect addition to a home or gym, because the stout design will withstand hours of consistent use

   $ 1499.00 
xic600-cut indoor cycle.jpg
 Spirit XIC600 Indoor Cycle

SPTXIC600 - With components of similar quality to expensive outdoor bikes, you can train your fitness level to a new high on the XIC600 Indoor Cycle in the comfort of your own home

    $ 999.00 
BFSB5 indoor cycle.jpg
 Best Indoor Training Cycle

BFSB5r - The feel of road biking with a 40 pound flywheel and chain drive system, adjustable seat and handlebars. A smart system mechanism, ensures extra durability for this user-friendly bike.

    $ 449.00 

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