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Welcome to FITNESS 50 SHOP. Getting in shape isn't only about your habits, but also the gear you are using, so finding the right equipment for your workout is important!, Here is a small variety of fitness equipment from trusted and verified suppliers!. Order online today and save money. 

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FID46 weight bench. jpg
  Body-Solid Weight Bench

FID46 - For the most intense workouts with a 1,000 pound capacity and heavy gauge 3 inch round steel frame. Synchronized seat and bar pads, leg developer included

     $ 488.00 
FLYBIRD Adjustable weight bench, fitness after 50.jpg
FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench

 Foldable bench, Max 600 pound. Designed with 6 back positions & 4 seat positions for Full Body Workout, you just pull support bar, adjust to the place which fit yourself and all is done! 

    $ 129.29 
Multifunctional Barbell Rack, fitness after 50.jpg
Multifunctional Rack

Made of 2" x 2" strong and durable main steel, Max 600 pounds. The barbell squat rack is versatile and can be used for squats, bench presses, pull-ups, squats, standing, push-ups and more exercises

    $ 179.99 
OSB300KIT weight set and weight tree.jpg
300 lb. Olympic Weight Set

OSB300KIT - Perfect price and Perfect set for your home gym. This awesome Set is perfect for your home. Includes (2) 45lb, (2) 35lb, (2) 25lb, (2) 10lb, (4) 5lb, (2) 2.5lb. plates, a OB86 Olympic Bar, and a Weight Tree & Bar Holder

   $ 531.00 
OB20 Olympic Dumbell Bar.jpg
     Olympic Dumbbell Bar

OB20 - Chrome plated and 20 inches long, these handles weigh 9 lbs. each and are sold individually. Professional  equipment and Perfect for your home-gym Note that this Bar do not include collars.

     $ 36.00 
PITHAGE Adjustable Dumbbells set, fitness after 50.jpg
  PITHAGE Dumbbell System

100% Cast Iron Dumbbell 60LBS. two 13” handles, one chrome connector, 4 8-pound plates, 4 5-pound plates, Two collars. black paint finish preventing rust and corrosion. Safe and secure workout & easy weight plate changes.

    $ 87.96 
Powerbolck EXP Stage 1, fitness after 50.jpg
PowerBlock EXP Stage1

PowerBlock EXP Stage 1 Includes two dumbbells. Adjustable and have a weight range of 5-50 lbs, expand this set to 70 lbs and again to 90 lbs with optional expansion kits.  

    $ 369.99 
PowerBolck Column Stand, fitness after 50.jpg
PowerBlock Column Stand

The Large Column Stand fits all PowerBlock dumbbells and includes storage for the 2.5 lb. adder weights. Adhesive Tray Mat provided to reduce wear on dumbbells and stand.

     $ 141.29 
    Bowflex 840  Kettlebell

Bowflex adjustable Kettlebell. Whit a turn of a dial, automatic change your resistance from 8-40 lb. Rapidly switch Exercises and perform a wide variety of full-body exercises.

   $ 200.00 
BSTSB Exercise ball.jpg
Body-Solid Exercise Ball

BSTSB - 45-55-65-75cm Anti-burst color, easy to clean, air pump included. Provides a effective way to focus on core strength and stability. Physical therapists have used exercise balls for years

      $ 24.29 
BSTSMB6 medicine Ball 8 lb..jpg
G3s Tools Soft Medicine Ball

BSTSMB - Soft-shell construction can stand up to intense use, all balls are 14 diameter with smooth black finish, absorbs impact while maintaining shape available from 6-30 pounds

     $ 34.99 
BSTTT slam balls.jpg
     Tire Tread Slam Balls

Body-Solid Tools Tire Tread Slam Balls will help you build strength, cardio endurance and explosive power. Tire Tread Slam Balls feature a textured, grooved surface to provide unmatched grip, 15lb. 

     $ 42.99 

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