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Dan Jensen

A personal trainer & nutritionist with a passion to inspire and motivate people to take that step and start feeling better..

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My name is Dan and my love for fitness and health started when I was young, I enjoyed as a kid to jump

around in trees or climbing up of a wall :) using my body and being outside a lot of the time! fresh air :)

When I turn 18 Years old I joined the army, l enjoy the discipline and the challenges and opportunities of

military life. Years later I went in to the Team management and Personal development life coaching,

focusing on increasing your self-awareness, looking at life goals, personal challenges and long-standing aspirations. Get better acquainted with yourself :) Nutritionist and Fitness, wellness has been my world for

many years and today I am 56 years old.. Wow the years just fly by :)

Over the years I have trained many specialists in the fitness world and I have always kept my skills and

knowledge updated!! I have helped many people, young and older, men and women to get in shape,

helped people to understand and to se the connection between muscle and mind. Aging can be difficult,

it affects all body functions, stamina, and strength. The shift from middle to old age can be drastic, and

there are a lot of changes occurring in the body that can make it hard to maintain a balance, without

sufficient fitness, men and women can experience muscle loss, poor concentration, low sex drive, and

slow metabolism. This can put many at risk for diseases like erectile dysfunction, heart diseases,

diabetes type 2, and more, but it is never to late to take action :) Nutrition and fitness in the proper way,

will help you to prevent all of these problems, ensuring that muscle loss is avoided and that hormonal

levels are retained. There are so many benefits for you if you workout :) I have the skills and knowledge to

make your life better and to motivate you on your level !!

The approach and the exercises shut be personalize to fit optimal and my aim is to help you identify your

goals, design a personal exercise program that fits your needs and guide you through every exercise,

every workout :)

I have the tools and the expert knowledge to have you looking good and more fit, follow me and I will

have you feeling great and seeing results in no time :)

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