What all plus-size Women should know!

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Basically, it’s not that you learn how to do a fifty-minute exercise workout and you’re good to go.. Or you’re constantly pushing and changing workouts...

Here are my 5 tips for getting started and unleashing your inner athlete-in the body you have now.

1. Understand yourself

It has been proven that people who are motivated by core-values sustain changes for the long term. For example, if you start exercising because your doctor instructed you to and only because you feel you “should,” it may be difficult to stick to your goals. However, if you’re exercising because you believe that exercise will give you more energy and help you keep up with your job or the kids, then that becomes a core-valued belief and will have more lasting power. Think about your core values and get to know them; Write down your why and keep it visible. It may take some time to find your “why,” but that’s what will keep you going.

2. Get the gear.

Getting the right gear is an essential to step in your fitness pursuits. Having the wrong gear can result in skin irritating, pants riding up into your crotch, boobs bouncing out of control, and many other fitness catastrophes. We don’t want any reasons for you to throw in the towel:) Unfortunately, the choices are not as vast for a plus-size athlete as they are for women of smaller sizes, and you may need to purchase items online- it’s just the reality. There are many up-and-coming brands that realize that fitness comes in a range of sizes. Search the internet for these brands, check out their Instagram or Facebook accounts to see real customers wearing the clothes, read reviews, and make sure you check their sizing charts when ordering online. Here are one of my clients favorite brand also offers plus-size workout clothing. The top three +size women absolutely must-haves are: a good sports bra, compression leggings, and good athletic shoes.

3. Smart goals.

I have set goals with + size women for many years and sometimes I find there’s a standard reaction of “I want to lose x amount of weight.”

Setting goals should be done in a smart way, meaning, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. I recommend writing this acronym down vertically in a notebook and breaking your goals down in each category. If weight loss is a goal, I recommend actionable goals (that may result in weight loss) where weight loss isn’t the primary focus.

For example: Your are going to meal prep five days a week. You will go grocery shopping on Sundays and Thursdays and prepare all your meals in advance for the week. Then add a personal exercise program to your routine! 3-5 times a week, you are going to do this for 30 days, then reassess. Most Likely, there will be a side benefit of weight loss to this healthy lifestyle change, without leaving you fixated on a number on the weight scale.

4. Find the right fitness program

A fitness program should always include cardio, resistance training, flexibility, balance training, core strengthening and nutritional guidance. By having a customized and personal workout plan this will allow you to stay motivated, hold you accountable and allow you to be more successful in reaching your goals.

Your support system is paramount to your fitness success. I often remind women that they are the CEO of their own bodies. Like any good CEO, they have the right to interview and chose who they work with! It’s essential that both you and your trainer have synergy in what health and fitness means to you. If you work out with trainers who are constantly harping on calorie reduction and doling out workouts that are too difficult, motivation can wear out and defeat will set in. Having a personal trainer who are body positive and understand your emotional, physical, and psychological needs will be a game changer.

Starting an exercise program is an important decision. But it doesn't have to be an overwhelming one. By planning carefully and pacing yourself, you can establish a healthy habit that lasts a lifetime.

5. Break the rules

All plus-size women often hear recommendations from health professionals such as, “You should swim, do water aerobics, or yoga.” These suggestions are usually made because these forms of exercises are typically viewed as “more gentle.” But that might not work for every woman. I say, break the rules and do what feels good for you and your body. I personally know many plus-size women who participate in triathlons, running, and CrossFit training. The key is to start off slow and work at a manageable pace to avoid injury. If it feels good to you, break the rules and just do it :)

Feedback from one of my clients:

I was terrified, filled with worry that I would be the biggest, the slowest, or get left behind, I was certain I didn’t belong. On the first trainings day, our instructor "Dan" introduced himself and to my surprise, he was also a plus-size trainer. Under his leadership, I realized that I could live my athletic dreams in the body I had without constantly battling with my weight. He help me to understand and adjust my mindset! Dan made a personal trainings program for me and my body, Quickly my motives changed from trying to slim my body to a certain size to building the body I had into the strongest version of myself and I lost 16 pounds during the first 2 month :) I felt so happy and It was one of the most freeing experiences of my life, it changed everything I thought I knew about fitness. Thanks Dan, you change my life :)

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Sarah Conner, Birmingham, UK

I have the tools and the expert knowledge to help you gain the right mindset! To lose some weight and get in your best shape ever and find the stronger version of yourself, follow me and I will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time :)

It's not about what size you wear, it's how you wear your size :)

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